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Serephione’s encounter with the guardian tiger Lou sparks a revelation—she’s been reborn as the villainess of a fantasy book! To escape her wretched fate, she decides to hide her magic and turn to adventuring. But can she really avoid discovery?

All Lettie wants is to escape her strict princess lessons, end her engagement, and live freely. All Prince Clarke wants is to marry her. He thwarts her every attempt, but Lettie isn’t about to give up her dream of freedom!

Lady Carolina might think she’s the “Sanchez family disgrace,” but there’s more to her than her abusive older sister believes. Although Carolina is oblivious to her own worth, she’s about to marry a prince, discover her power, and grow into her own!

When Jeanette’s evil stepmother casts her out of the house, she’s left with no family, no belongings, and nowhere to live. But with her relentless positivity, natural genius, and her besotted fiancé, she will fight back for what’s hers!

Black knight Lina has to find a husband—if she can’t, dragons might burn her to a crisp! But even if she can snag one, navigating a contractual marriage has its own hardships. Between aristocracy and bureaucracy, what’s a girl to do?

Noelle loves magic, but her job at the Mages’ Guild goes from bad to worse when her nightmarish boss fires her! Luckily, along comes an old friend and a surprise job opportunity. Time to live her dream of working as a royal court magician!

Lettie wants nothing more than to escape her strict princess education. When her engagement to Prince Clarke appears to have been broken off, she is delighted to finally have her freedom back—if only it were that simple!

Whisked away from her abusive home to the Royal Research Academy to study her brand-new Skill, twelve-year-old Chelsea gets the Cinderella treatment!

Chloe Ardennes, a noble disowned for her inauspicious birth, flees her abusive home for the royal capital. Danger awaits, but a dashing, stoic knight comes to her rescue and whisks her away for an awkward yet endearing new life together!

Cecily fell for Zeke, a gallant knight, at first sight...but she never expected him to drink a love potion by mistake and fall head over heels for her too! Just where will the slipup lead this accidental couple?