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Fate leads gloomy high-schooler Kashima Ryuto to confess to his crush, the sunny Shirakawa Runa. And much to his surprise...she agrees to go out with him! They’re polar opposites, so can this odd couple still manage to connect with each other?

Never eat raw pig liver—an otaku learns that lesson the hard way after he wakes up in a pen as a bona fide pig. A doomed girl named Jess rescues him, and he wants to return the favor... But what can a mere pig do against the cruel clutches of fate?

All Lettie wants is to escape her strict princess lessons, end her engagement, and live freely. All Prince Clarke wants is to marry her. He thwarts her every attempt, but Lettie isn’t about to give up her dream of freedom!

Lady Carolina might think she’s the “Sanchez family disgrace,” but there’s more to her than her abusive older sister believes. Although Carolina is oblivious to her own worth, she’s about to marry a prince, discover her power, and grow into her own!

After a palace fire wipes out Hasvenvalia’s royal family, Slaine discovers he is the king’s bastard son—and sole surviving heir. With the support of his aide, Monica, the young boy must use his wits to survive royal intrigue and an impending war.

Black knight Lina has to find a husband—if she can’t, dragons might burn her to a crisp! But even if she can snag one, navigating a contractual marriage has its own hardships. Between aristocracy and bureaucracy, what’s a girl to do?

When the heartbroken Estelle attends a ball to find a new husband after losing her fiancé, she encounters a wicked prince who discovers her ability to see people’s mana and decides to keep her for himself! Where will her new predicament take her?

Noelle loves magic, but her job at the Mages’ Guild goes from bad to worse when her nightmarish boss fires her! Luckily, along comes an old friend and a surprise job opportunity. Time to live her dream of working as a royal court magician!

Lettie wants nothing more than to escape her strict princess education. When her engagement to Prince Clarke appears to have been broken off, she is delighted to finally have her freedom back—if only it were that simple!

Archdemon Zagan hires his unsavory friend, the sorcerer Purgatory Barbatos, to guard Archangel Chastille Lillqvist from the shadows. As Barbatos watches over the crybaby knight, he may just develop something of a weak spot for her and her waterworks.