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The hotheaded knight Albrea journeys to the village of Montt to slay an evil demon. However, the village boasts a secret: the demon is a retired old man, and the other villagers are some of the kingdom’s greatest heroes!

Twenty-five years ago, seven young heroes put an end to the long war between humans and demons, and their victory brought peace...until now. With the demon threat rising once again, can the seven heroes—now much older—save the world a second time?

Albrea, the kingdom’s strongest knight, sets off to the village of Montt to defeat a powerful demon. However, when she arrives, all is not as it seems as the mighty demon turns out to be a retired old man!

I was your average salaryman until I got hit by a truck and woke up in the world of my favorite video game as the early-game powerhouse who’s basically useless after the tutorial. Let me reiterate—I am absolutely NOT the hero! Stop calling me that!

One day, Souma Sagara gets sucked into the world of New Communicate Online, aka the Catfolk Realm. Too bad the game is a buggy mess by malicious developers! He’ll need his wits and all the glitches he can abuse to survive in this game world!

Urban legends have come to life, manifesting as phenomena called “Folklore.” Only the mysterious Thompson Agency, dedicated to identifying and capturing these beings, can keep humanity safe.

The beloved hero Crow—brave and gallant wielder of the blade Muramasa—has a secret: it’s all an act! His apparent power comes from the ravenous, soul-eating sword that controls him, and he only fights evil to keep his secret safe and the blade sated!

The top player of a strategy RPG is reincarnated into the game as a villainous lord who dies in the prologue. He now must use the leveling system only he can access and his game know-how to prepare his forces and protect himself from that fate!

Prince Callus was born a Taboo Being, afflicted with a deadly curse. He only has six months to live, but light magic may be the cure if he can master it. It’s a race against time, and someone is set on keeping the existence of his kind hidden...

After years of training alone, Noor finds himself no closer to his dream of becoming an adventurer, so he decides to...become one anyway! His skills are useless, but he’s no stranger to hard work! Wait, why is everyone looking at him like that?!