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When Satoshi Osako dies playing an RPG, he awakes in an unfamiliar world as Zelos Merlin, his overpowered in-game character. All he wants is to live a quiet life—but between monsters, bandits, and nobles, that could be tougher than it sounds!

Upon signing up for a new game, MMORPG lover Kenichi gets reborn as Allen, a lowly level 1 character. Locked into the Hell Mode difficulty, he dedicates himself to learning the secrets of his new Summoner class and freeing his family from serfdom.

Asura Lyona, a mercenary in her past life, reincarnates in a world where magic is pathetically weak. Finding it a dream come true, the battle-hungry Asura makes a name for herself by forming the mercenary group, Moon Blossom.

After bringing stability and peace to his land, Kai Lekius, the Sanguinary King, fell into a deathlike slumber. Three hundred years later, he wakes with great anticipation of the world that awaits him. But it seems that hope has been misplaced...

Selene Vixent has died nine times—each time betrayed, broken, and unable to wield Sun, her familial power. Determined to escape this cursed time loop, she awakens to the power of Shadow and embraces her new life as a villainess.

What’s worse? Spirits that need exorcising, or the one-sided romantic overtures of your childhood friend who far outranks your entire family in the aristocratic pecking order? Well, after reincarnating in a new world, Nicola must deal with both.

Meet Yumiella, the reincarnated villainess and hidden boss of an otome RPG. She’s an introvert who just wants to live peacefully...but her inner gamer couldn’t give up the grind! Now she’s level 99, and the protagonists think she’s the Demon Lord!

Fudou Niito suddenly wakes up inside his favorite dating sim as Ellize, the fake saint who makes Eterna’s—his favorite character—life a living hell! Can he successfully change the original plot to secure a happy ending for his beloved Eterna?

A man finds himself in the body of the protagonist in a fangame filled with treacherous plots and challenges. With cunning, determination, and his knowledge of the future, he’s determined to overcome his fate and live a life of luxury.

Experience the lower city, the orphanage, the temple, the Royal Academy, and many other familiar locations through new eyes in twenty-one stories told from a plethora of unique perspectives. Spans Parts 1 to 4.